Which People can Buy or Sell on Alibaba and What is Tutorial for Belanja Di on Alibaba?

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Aug 14, 2017

1. Which people can buy or sell on alibaba?

Anyone.Just do it:

Just find the 1 product that you want to start with. I would recommend something that you can offer upsells or varaiations.

Take that product, find out how you want to brand it or make it special to you.

Talk to those vendors on Alibaba and ask for free/low cost samples. Don't negotiate until you get product.

Highly recommend talking to them via Skype (Phone/Video chat). Build a relationship.

Once you find the product you like, negotiate.

Start with a small inventory

1. Which people can buy or sell on alibaba? 2. What is tutorial for belanja di on alibaba?

2. What is tutorial for belanja di on alibaba?

tutorial  for belanja di on alibaba


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Self-paced instructional program that provides step by step information in presenting a concept or learning unit. Computer based tutorials use interactive methods such as hyperlinks, and audio and visual presentation of the subject matter, and provide feedback through question-answer exercises.

Making a good tutorial for your workers can help them get acclimated to a new product or system much faster.

The tutorial was a useful exercise in learning for those that paid attention, the problem is most users skip through the important information.


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