How to Search on Alibaba by Price and What is Safetest Ways to Pay on Alibaba?

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Aug 15, 2017

1. How to search on alibaba by price or image?

To do this:

Sort a Search in Price Order

Type the name of the product in the Alibaba search bar. Go to the Sort By box above the search results. If you don't see this box, use the Choose a Department to Sort dropdown menu to refine your search; the box should appear after you've chosen a department. Select Price: Low to High or Price: High to Low to sort your search by cost.

Refine a Search by Price Range

If you have a specific budget, you can limit your search results to a specific price range. Go to the Refine By options to the left of your search results and scroll down to Price. You can choose one of Alibaba's default ranges or use your own prices.

Find Prices From a Product Page

You can also use a search feature in product pages to find a list of alternative sellers and their prices. Open the product's page and look in the description area for New or Used links. Some products may also have a Refurbished option.

1. How to search on alibaba by price or image? 2. What is safetest way to pay on alibaba?

2. What is safest way to pay on alibaba?

Safest way to pay on Alibaba

Credit Cards

The reason: a credit card is often a good choice for shopping  on Alibaba. Fraud protection with credit cards is quite strong, and getting charges reversed is pretty simple (just report the suspicious activity to your card issuer or let them know you never received what you paid for).

No money comes out of your bank account – it’s the card issuer’s money that gets spent. As long as you act quickly, your liability can be limited to $50, and in many cases you won’t pay anything for fraudulent charges.


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