How to Get Free Coupon Code and How to Use?

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Nov 07, 2017

1.How to use coupon code on aliexpress?


1、Follow steps in our How to Buy from AliExpress tutorial (i.e. logging in, adding items to your cart, and entering or choosing your shipping information).

2、To apply a coupon that you got from an AliExpress store, scroll down to the "Review and Confirm Your Order" section on the checkout page for your order.  You should see a drop-down menu labelled "Apply Seller Coupon"; click it, and then select any coupon that is valid to apply to that order to apply it.  Or, if you don't want to use a coupon, select Don't Apply Any Coupon.

3、To apply a generic coupon, scroll down the checkout page for your order until you see theConfirm & Pay button.  Click the check box above it labelled "Apply AliExpress Coupon", and then click the drop-down menu next to the check box and select a coupon to apply to your order.

You should see your coupon discount(s) applied to your order price.  Congratulations!  You now know how to use coupons on AliExpress!  Enjoy the savings!  Next, we'll go over how to get in touch with its customer service department to inquire about an order, report a problem with a seller, or just ask a general question.

How to Get Free Coupon Code for Aliexpress? How to Use Aliexpress Store Code?

2.How to get free aliexpress coupon code?

The most common way to get coupons on AliExpress is by visiting stores that are giving them out, or by viewing products being sold by those stores.  For example, if you're browsing a seller's store, try clicking Sale Items.  You might find seller coupons there.

You can usually find products whose sellers are giving out coupons by searching for "coupons", "discounts" or promotions" in the search bar.

General AliExpress coupons are given out through various promotional campaigns from AliExpress and their parent company, Alibaba.  They may come through your participation on the company's website, or they may come from doing something on one of their social media accounts (such as onFacebook or Twitter).  You may also be able to get them on the AliExpress mobile application (read more about that here).

In most cases, you simply have to click on a coupon to add it to your account.  Other coupons may be added to your account automatically, based on your activities surrounding AliExpress.

To check what coupons you currently have, go to and log into your account.  Then, move your mouse cursor over My AliExpress and click My Coupons.

Click AliExpress Coupons or Seller Coupon to switch back and forth between viewing your general-use coupons and those coupons that can only be used with specific sellers.  Here, you can see information on each coupon like its discount amount (and how much you have to spend for it to be valid), its validity period, what items it's valid to be used on, what store issued it, and whether or not the coupon is currently valid.


3.What's the coupon for aliexpress?

AliExpress coupons are virtual discounts that can be used to decrease the cost of your orders.  Usually, they are given out by certain stores that sell items on AliExpress, and are specific to that store.  However, some coupons are given out by AliExpress as a company and are more general-use.


Note that most coupons have certain conditions attached to them, such as that you have to use them by a certain date, or that your total order has to cost more than a certain amount for the coupon to apply.  And, as noted, many coupons can only be used on products ordered from a particular store.


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