What Does Login eBay Problems On Silverlight?How To Sign In Safari Summary Page?

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Aug 19, 2017

1.What Does Login Problems On Silverlight?

Try these methods and check:

Method 1: First thing to check is to make sure the Silverlight add-on isn’t disabled in Internet Explorer. You can check this by:

a. Open Internet Explorer

b. Click Tools

c. Click Manage Add-ons

d. Click Toolbars and Extensions

e. Under Show: click All add-ons

f. Click Microsoft Silverlight

g. Click Enable (if Disabled)

h. Click Close

i. Close Internet Explorer

j. Open Internet Explorer and check if the issue persists.

Method 2: If you still aren’t able to use Silverlight, I would suggest you to uninstall the previous version of the Silverlight then reinstall the latest version of Silverlight and check how it works.

Refer the following link to uninstall the silver light and check how it works.

View the link given below to know more about, how to uninstall Microsoft Silverlight.

Un-installing Microsoft Silverlight


To install the latest version of Silverlight, view the following link:

Upgrade Microsoft silverlight


If that doesn’t work, I would suggest you to refer the Silverlight support for more information:


Let us know if this information helps. If you have further questions feel free to reply and we will be glad to assist.

What eBay Login Problems On Silverlight| Firefox Forums August 2017?How Sign In Safari Summary Page?

2.How To Sign In Safari Summary Page?

1、You need to have an account of Safari. If you don't have one, you should sign up right now.

2、You can sign in the Safari after you have the account, visit it and then you can sign in to it in the home page.


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