Can I Sell My House On eBay?How Do I Open An eBay Account To Sell Hot Items On eBay Summary?

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Aug 23, 2017

1.Can I Sell My House On eBay?

First, when you list your house on eBay, you're not "selling" it per se. It's another advertising tool and bids are not binding, but it gets your house in front of a gazillion potential buyers. I listed my Tennessee farm on eBay and had inquries from as far away as Japan. People from Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas came to look at it based on the ad. I didn't sell it through eBay, but it costs only $150 for a 30-day listing.

Those who say that they won't look for a house on eBay might just be missing out on the deal of a lifetime.

So you can post your house on eBay for advertisement and maybe someone will contact you and buy your house.

Can I Sell My House | ID On eBay?How Do I Open An eBay Account To Selling Hot Items On Summary?

2.How Do I Open An eBay Account To Sell Hot Items On eBay Summary?

1、 Set up a seller account

Confirm that the name and address we have on file for you is correct

Confirm your phone number

Specify an automatic payment method for paying your seller fees and eBay Money Back Guarantee reimbursements

We also recommend that you get PayPal Verified

Set up a seller account

2.、Create a listing

When you list an item, we make recommendations based on similar listings. These suggestions can help you sell your item faster and at a better price.

Start by describing your item in clear, simple terms. We then identify the most relevant category so potential buyers can find it fast. We also provide pricing guidance and tips.

Before listing an item, you might want to compare it with active and completed listings for similar items, to get an idea of recent selling prices.

Learn more about creating a listing, and tips for successful selling, or just start selling now or click Sell at the top of most eBay pages.

We recommend that you know the rules for sellers and eBay policies on prohibited and restricted items, and what's allowed and not allowed when listing and completing a sale.

Fees for selling on eBay apply to most listings.

3、Manage your listing

When you have your listing up and running, you can check to see if anyone's bid on or bought it by going to the Sell section of My eBay.

You can also revise your listing.

It's good customer service to answer any questions you receive from potential buyers about your item. Communicating with them establishes trust and rapport.

4、 Wrap up the sale with your buyer

How you handle the final sale goes a long way toward satisfying your customer and getting great Feedback.

Communicate with your buyer:With eBay checkout, we notify you by email when the buyer has completed checkout.Important: Contact your buyer directly if you haven't heard from them within 2 days of the end of your listing.

Receive payment:Before you ship your item, make sure the buyer has paid you, and that the payment has been accepted and credited to your account. If you listed in a category that lets you accept checks, make sure the check has cleared the bank.

Ship the item to the buyer safely and on time:

Pack your item as securely as possible.

Package your item carefully.

Make sure the shipment information is correct and includes your return address.

You can create your shipping label and packing slip on eBay. If you use free carrier pickup (available with orders that include Priority Mail or for a small on-demand fee), you can save a trip to the post office.

Leave your buyer Feedback: Your Feedback about your buyer is important for other sellers. Learn more about Feedback.


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