How to List on eBay Step by Step? How Can I Add Buy It Now After Listing on eBay?

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Mar 03, 2017

1. How to list on eBay step by step?

To create a listing, you need to provide your item's title, description, price, and shipping and payment information. To make your listing even more engaging and reduce the time you spend answering questions, add pictures, enhanced formatting and other upgrades.

1. Get started

Click Sell at the top of most eBay pages.

If you're using our quick listing tool, we'll walk you through listing your item. Tell us what you're selling and we'll help you choose the right category so buyers can find your item easily. We'll also look for similar items to give you a starting point for your listing. Get more information on creating a listing with our quick listing tool.

If you're using any of our advanced listing tools, choose the category most relevant for your item, to make it easy for buyers to find your listing.

2. Create your listing

Depending on your item and how you choose to list it, you may have different options. Follow these guidelines:

Write a good title and description: Help buyers find your listing with a title that's clear, complete, and descriptive. State exactly what the item is (even if it repeats the category name). Include details such as the brand, product name, size, or artist. Consider adding a subtitle for more description that'll be seen in searches (not available in the quick listing tool).

Provide item specifics: For some categories, you have the option of selecting item specifics. Providing additional item details makes it even easier for buyers to find your item. An example of an item specific is the condition of the item. These specifics may also be included in your Q&A.

Specify the condition of the item: Item condition specifications vary by category. Accurately describing your item gives buyers confidence that they'll get the item they want.

Include product details from our catalog: Many items, including certain books, golf clubs, CDs, video game systems, and cell phones, are associated with products in our growing catalog. If your item is one of these, you'll be offered product details and a stock photo from the catalog once you've chosen your category. If you select product details, they'll appear in your listing. Using product details can save you time and help attract more buyers to your listing.

Add pictures to your listing: Including high-quality, evenly lit pictures of your item can help sell your item. Learn more about adding photos to your listing.

Select a selling format: Choose from auction-style, fixed price, and Classified Ad formats. (Classified Ads are not available in the quick listing tool.)

Choose a starting price: This includes understanding pricing options to help you get the price you want for your item.

Select a listing duration: Most auction-style listings last 7 days. Durations of more than 7 days can incur a fee and change some upgrade and insertion fees. You can also schedule your listing to start at a specific time.

Select the payment methods you'll accept: For community safety, PayPal or Internet merchant credit card payment options are required in most categories. These methods make it easy for your buyer to pay you right away so you can ship the item faster.

Specify your shipping costs and locations: You can charge a flat cost to all buyers or calculate shipping costs based on the item you're selling and the buyer's location, or you can offer free shipping to attract more potential buyers. You can also offer local pickup to buyers who live near you.

Specify your return policy: All sellers on eBay are required to specify a return policy, whether they accept returns or not. Buyers are more comfortable shopping with sellers who have clear return policies.

Promote your item with listing upgrades: Listing upgrades, such as using a subtitle, can help your listing stand out (not available in the quick listing tool).

3. Preview your listing

You can preview and edit your listing on the Review page. Click the Preview your listing link to see how your listing will appear. Click the Edit link if you'd like to change something.

4. List your item

When you're ready, click List to post your listing on eBay.

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2. How can i add buy it now after listing on eBay?

Selling your unwanted items and homemade crafts on eBay can be simple and profitable. You can list your items at a starting sale price and allow them to be auctioned or you can provide a "Buy It Now" price for your items to eliminate bidding. The process to add a "Buy It Now" price requires the completion of only a few easy steps. ​​

1. Log in to with your user name and password.

2. Select the "sell an item" link at the top of the web page.

If you have a serial number, ISBN or UPC code for your product, enter it in the search box and click "search." EBay will attempt to locate your product for you and fill in much of the information for you.

If you do not have any of the numbers, simply describe the product yourself as accurately as possible.

3. Enter all the specifics for your item, including its condition and age.

You can add details to give your buyers a better idea of what your item is, how it performs and whether they should expect problems with it.

4. Upload a picture of your item or choose the picture assigned through the UPC code search.

More pictures can increase the likelihood of a quick sale.

Buyers are reluctant to purchase an item online if there are no pictures of the actual item.

5. Provide a sale price.

Select "Fixed Price" tab from the "Choose how you'd like to sell your item" section of the listing.

6. Enter a price in the "Buy It Now" box.

If you are using the "Fixed Price" option, this will be the only price you have to enter.

You can also select the "Online Auction" option tab and enter a starting sale price and a "Buy It Now" price.

7. Complete your listing with details for your preferred payment method and shipping method and costs.

8. Click the "Continue" button to move to the next stage of the process.

9. Preview your listing, make any needed changes and then finalize your listing.


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