How Is eBay Buyer Protection About Stolen Package?What Is eBay Buyer Protection Shipping Damage Reimbursements?

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Sep 06, 2017

1.How Is eBay Buyer Protection About Stolen Package?

Items listed on eBay may be covered by buyer protection programs in the unlikely event that something is not delivered, or is not as described in the listing.

It's nice to know you could be covered for your loss if something does go wrong.

eBay's Buyer Protection Program reimburses buyers for transactions up to Rs. 50,000*. You can claim protection coverage in the event that:

You paid for the item but never received it; or

You received the item but it was significantly different than described (for example, paying for a gold ring and receiving a copper ring).

You can avail of protection coverage as follows:

Up to Rs. 50,000 in case of PaisaPay payment (minus Rs.50.00 for processing costs)

Note: PaisaPay buyer protection will be applicable to all completed transactions paid through PaisaPay. Learn More

Up to Rs. 10,000 in case of other safe payment modes (minus Rs. 50.00 for processing costs

Eligible transactions

The final price of the item is over Rs. 50.00. Multiple listings cannot be combined into one claim to become eligible, even if purchased from the same seller. Items purchased through Multiple Item Auctions (Dutch Auctions) are eligible, provided the combined value of all items purchased through a single listing is over Rs. 50.00

You are a winning bidder or fixed price buyer of an item listed on the eBay site.

Both you and the seller had a Feedback rating of zero or above at the close of the listing.

Your item is legal and in accordance with eBay's Listing Policies and User Agreement.

Payment was sent to the seller in good faith and proof of payment can be documented.

You have not exceeded the three claims per six-month limit.

If you paid with a credit card (either directly to the seller or through an online payment service other than PaisaPay) you must havealready contacted your credit card issuer and sought reimbursement from the issuer priorto filing a claim.

If your transaction is eligible under the program, you can file a dispute against the seller. Learn more

Non-eligible transactions

Items which are not significantly different from the item description

Items paid for with cash or instant money transfer services such as Western Union

Items damaged or lost in shipping

Merchandise which has been altered, repaired, discarded or resold

Items which are picked up or delivered in person

Intangible items

Double or over payment

Shipping and handling fees

Buyer's remorse (items bought by mistake or if you change your mind)

Bid Pay: Please contact your credit card provider to file a charge back.

How Is eBay Buyer Protection Stolen Package | Goods Ripoff?Whats Shipping Damage Reimbursements?

2.What Is eBay Buyer Protection Shipping Damage Reimbursements?

Because of the bad or incorrect shipment,the item you bought arrived damaged.

Open a return request from My eBay > Purchase historyand follow the on-screen instructions.

And then you can ask for the refund of shipment.


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