What are other Online Vintage Stores like to Etsy?

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Sep 12, 2017

1.What are other online vintage stores like Etsy?


Based in Germany, DaWanda is the second-largest market in our benchmark: It features 130,000 subscribed creatives, a figure which contrasts to Etsy’s 875,000 subscribed members. While There’s definitely a critical mass of shoppers from all over the globe here, you will note that all products are listed in euros, not dollars (even if both customer and vendor are in the United States). That may be a plus if you are trying to build a European market, but It’s going to most likely turn away domestic purchasers stressed about getting struck with international bank fees on their credit card.

DaWanda Features no listing fees (though the organization states it is going to be introducing them this year) but it does charge a 5 % closing fee on sold products, which is quite a bit greater than the 3.5 % you would pay Etsy.

As Europe’s biggest market for handmade products, DaWanda is a growing organization which has an expert comprehension of the complicated legal, tax-related, and business factors of the Euro area. That might perhaps not make a difference if you simply want to offer baby linen to Midwest moms; However, if you’re a crafter with your eyes set on a larger award, it might be well worth having an appearance at it. After all, what kind of business would be reluctant to “go global” nowadays?


Greatly concentrated on higher-end garments and fashion, U.S.-based Bonanza features simply 25,000 registered companies. But its 4 million listed products place its complete stock at about a 3rd the size of Etsy. Also though that means your shop might have more difficulty standing out among the competition, that is great news for shoppers, as deep racks may keep clients searching the website much longer than on similar sites. Simply as it is the case in the real world, no one wishes to go shopping at a shop where products appear slim and picked over

Bonanza supports extensive checkout choices and does not include listing charges, but it does charge a 3.5 % closing fee. Another feature unique to Bonanza is its Managed Merchant Program, which the business describes as “a valet service for your booth.” Sign up for it, and Bonanza will handle for you the hefty lifting of creating listings, Incorporating metadata such as color, brand name, and material information.

Bonanza will additionally tag your products and update the quality of the pictures you supply. This solution costs 5.9 % of your very first $500 in sales, and 1.5 % of any sales beyond that quantity (in lieu of the standard closing fee). This might be a great choice for merchants who would like to invest more time crafting items and less time struggling with their listings.

Every Bonanza shop features a built-in chat system, supplied for free by the website, and (according to the company itself) the site is rather straightforward to utilize. A mobile version is even available for those who want to keep an eye on their online shop while on the move, or just do some e-window shopping.

From a technical point of view, Bonanza’s website appears user-friendly and professional. The selector system for garments seems remarkably well-polished. If the website pursues its development, it could become an extremely compelling choice for people who want to sell their creations online.

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Although Zibbet has been live for almost five years, it stays tiny in contrast to its competition, with merely 45,000 independent creatives and 350,000 items detailed for purchase. It’s based in Australia; the majority of vendors, nevertheless, appear to be based in the US, and most products are sold in U.S. dollars. Presently, all repayments are settled through PayPal, Mastercard, Visa and Amex.

So why should you consider using Zibbet instead of another company? Primarily for its charge framework: If you are a tiny vendor, you’ll spend no listing charges and no closing fee at all. For instance, if you have up to 50 products on retail on Zibbet, well, selling on Zibbet is free of charge. Naturally, there’s also a Pro version available: for $9.95 per month or $79 for 12 months, you will benefit from extra features like “unlimited listings, greater website publicity, a completely customizable shopfront, and advanced offering functions.”

Listings give shop owners lots of space for customization, including a massive marketing advertising That is the biggest element visible on the web page. Vendors who are interested in giving their product sales pages the optimum amount of creative effect should take a lengthy glance at Zibbet.

4、Bonus e-store: VintageLab

The particularity of VintageLab compared to other online shops selling vintage products is that this store sells a limited number of unique objects which have been pre-selected on eBay. Each item featured on VintageLab has been carefully hand-picked by their team of design experts & moderators to ensure they’re consistent with their quality standards and offer a safe antiquing experience. This is the reason why the team behind VintageLab decided to work only with a handful of trusted professional eBay antique dealers.

VintageLab focuses on mid-century modern interior design, an era which covers modern design, architecture and urban development from roughly 1933 to 1965. Besides iconic designers like Eames, Saarinen, Bertoia, Arne Jacobsen, George Nelson and likes, VintageLab showcases plenty of Scandinavian design, which is characterized by simplicity, democratic design and natural shapes. The Vase, Jar & Pottery section, as well as the Fabric & Rug category, both harbor fantastic treasures at a very affordable price considering their quality.


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