Is Shopping on Etsy Safe? Is Etsy Safe for Sellers to Sell on?

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Sep 13, 2017

1.Is shopping on Etsy safe?

A website where you're required to input personal information and pay someone else money is bound to get anyone's back up about whether it's a safe zone or a scam.  We completely get that.  But the truth is that Etsy is no less safe than any other of the other big online marketplace websites that millions of people trust, such as Amazon, eBay, and Ali Express.

In general, Etsy only shares certain information about you, and only to groups that are involved in making your experience on Etsy work.  This information is transmitted securely, and its recipients are not allowed to use it for other purposes.  Your financial information (for purchasing items) is stored with Etsy, and is never revealed to anyone who sells you anything on Etsy.  Therefore, it is safe to submit your credit card details to make a purchase. You can also opt out of certain emails that Etsy sends you, and can block certain advertisements that Etsy displays.

Etsy also protects you in dealings with sellers on its website.  If you ever enter a dispute with a seller on Etsy over something that they sold you, you can open a "case" and have Etsy try to resolve your problem.

Is Shopping on | Bying on | Buying from Etsy Safe? Is Etsy Safe for Sellers to Sell on?

2.Is Etsy safe for sellers to sell on?

I have been selling on Etsy for 2 years. I have only had a few problems but I still think it's safe. I've had a customer claim they never got my package until I brought up the tracking number and they shut up fast. It is a scam for getting the item and not paying for it. But sellers are smarter than the scammer thinks. I've also had reviews that we're bogus because they wanted me to refund them even though their complaint was something that was shown in the picture. So if they looked before they bought they wouldn't have known, which everyone does. Aside from that, in 2 years it's very safe. Buying is even safer, as a customer you can lodge complaints to Etsy if the seller has wronged you. So it's very safe on both sides. If you are looking to buy or sell,  pay attention to the profile and descriptions. A scammer store (usually they get shut down fast but if you have doubts) doesn't have as much info in their profile and item description because it isn't their pride and joy like the rest of the sellers. Overall though, any problems you can send to Etsy and they will look at any case and side with the person who proves they were wronged..So it is very safe.


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