What is an Etsy Store? Where is my Etsy Store Located? How to Name my Etsy Store?

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Sep 13, 2017

1.What is an Etsy store?

A variety of products are sold on Etsy, including arts supplies, handmade products and vintage pieces. Vintage pieces can only be listed if they are a minimum of 20 years old. In order to sell products on Etsy, users must create a username and have the option to create a shop name.

2.Where is Etsy store located?

Etsy's main office is located in Dumbo, Brooklyn, and it has hosted open crafting classes in the "Etsy Labs". The site's technology, customer support, marketing/PR, business, and communications teams operate out of this office.

What is an Etsy Store? Where is my Etsy Store Located? How to Name | Naming your Etsy Store?

3.How to name my Etsy store?


Ideally, it would be best to think of a name that your customers and other people will remember in between visits to your shop, or purchases. That way, the next time they’re looking for something similar to your products you may be the first shop they think of and the first place they go to!


A shop or business name that isn’t very long will be much easier for your customers to remember. In my opinion, it’s also easier to come up with a cute and catchy name when they’re short. They just seem to have a nicer ring to them compared to longer shop names.

I typically suggest trying to keep it between 2 and 4 words. It’s enough to get your point across and let people know what your business is about. But not too long that it makes it difficult to remember.


Having a shop name that is easy to spell goes along with the last two tips. Not everyone is good at spelling, so keeping it fairly simple will only help people find you when they search online.

Also, make sure you use correct spellings for all of the words in your shop and don’t try to make it unique by using a “fun” spelling. It may seem like a cute idea, but that tactic will not help your shop in search results.


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