What's the Difference between Etsy and Ebay?Should I Sell Vintage Clothes on Etsy or Ebay?

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Sep 13, 2017

1.What's the difference between Etsy and Ebay?

Online marketplaces Etsy and eBay connect you with a world of buyers -- eBay boasted an active user base of over 112 million as of 2013, while the smaller but still popular Etsy had 22 million members and generated nearly $900 million in sales in 2012 alone. Although they have some similarities, the two sites differ in other areas. Choosing the better of the two marketplaces depends mostly on what type of product you offer and the amount of work you are willing to put into marketing.

1、Product Lists

Probably the largest difference between Etsy and eBay is the type of products they allow for sale. Etsy is a marketplace for creative wares, and allows only handmade items, craft supplies or antiques older than 20 years. For just about everything else there's eBay, which primarily deals with retail products and other non-unique items. If your business deals with a more creative product, such as fine art prints or personalized items, Etsy may offer a better outlet. Less “artsy” products such as electronics or toys may find a better audience on eBay.

2、Membership Plans and Fees

Etsy doesn't require sellers to subscribe to a monthly or yearly plan or pay membership fees. As of October 2013, the site charges a 20 cent fee to list an item, and collects a 3.5 percentage of the sale price once an item sells. Although a subscription fee isn't required on eBay, businesses that plan to do a lot of selling may want purchase a Store plan. These range in price from $16 to $200 a month, depending on what type of plan you choose and whether you pay month-to-month or yearly. Listing fees also vary, ranging from 5 to 25 cents per listing. Ebay also takes a percentage of your final sales price, ranging from between 4 and 9 percent depending on the product.

3、Seller Tools

Listing your items for sale is the first step in actually making a sale, and eBay offers more tools to help you keep track of your products and business. After you've made 10 sales, you can access your eBay Seller Dashboard, which helps you keep tabs on your store's performance. The tool lets you track customer satisfaction, view your ratings and analyze your listings for areas of improvement. Etsy doesn't offer these kinds of tools.

4、Buyer Type

Because of their fundamental difference in product offerings, the types of buyers you find on each site differ. Etsy browsers are interested in the creative products that aren't typically found anywhere in large quantities. These shoppers are akin to boutique browsers instead of big-retail buyers -- looking for something unique and personal. Ebay shoppers are usually looking for something specific, often for a lower price than they can get elsewhere.

What\s the Difference between Etsy and Ebay? Should I Sell | Selling Clothes on Etsy or Ebay?

2.Should I sell on Etsy or Ebay?

Etsy Vs eBay: What do they sell?

The biggest difference between Etsy and eBay is that they sell different types of products and therefore attract two different audiences. On eBay, it is an anything goes€ type of policy; you can find a huge range of products that are both new and second hand. This includes wholesale items, handmade items, vintage items, antiques and much more. If you have a range of items that fit into a diverse range of categories, then eBay is much more flexible and will keep all of your sales on the same site which is useful. Etsy on the other hand, allows sellers to advertise handmade items or items over 20 years of age which gives Etsy a different, unique feel and thus attracts a specific audience. The website is generally more boutique and focuses on individualistic items rather than mass-produced ones. If your products fit in with the niche dynamic of Etsy, then you could find a distinct and relative audience on there which will be great for generating sales. Contrastingly, on eBay, you may find yourself competing against a lot of mass produced items where the audience is looking for the cheapest price rather than a unique and original product.

How to know whether Etsy or eBay is better for your business

As perviously mentioned, it really depends on what you're selling as to whether Easy or eBay is better for you. Whether a seller prefers Etsy or eBay often depends on the price of the item they want to sell, how niche the product is and how quickly a seller wants to make sales. Selling on eBay is generally quicker than Etsy, however, it tends to be more costly due to higher selling fees. So what are the pros and cons of both?

eBay Pros:Easy to list products eBay makes it very simple and easy to list items. You can also duplicate product listings which is a convenient feature of the service. eBay's listing manager makes selling your items efficient and straightforward. Huge potential eBay is a marketplace that gives sellers access to millions of potential customers. According to Statista, eBay recently reached 152.3 million active users in the third quarter of 2014, meaning that products can be viewed and purchased by a staggering number of consumers. Sell globally eBay will display your listings to customers all over the world. This therefore makes eBay a great marketplace to sell products that may not be available in all countries as well as allowing you to expand your product popularity internationally.

Cons: Expensive fees can add up Fees on eBay can vary and depend heavily on what you sell. The start up costs are very low, with the average listing only costing 35p but the way eBay makes their money is through the final sale charge - 10% of whatever you sell is paid to the marketplace. Putting that into figures, if you sell expensive items, you're going to lose more money on eBay than you would if you were selling your products on your own e-commerce store. Unreliable buyers A buyer purchasing something on eBay is not the final step in an eBay transaction. Although the buyer has committed to buy, they don't have to pay straight away which means that a buyer can commit to purchase something but fail to pay for it. This can be costly, time consuming and annoying for sellers if it happens repeatedly (which is not uncommon). eBay Favours buyers over sellers There have been many complaints from sellers over the years that disputes over items normally result in favour of buyers rather than the sellers. eBay has recently tried to solve this issue by equalising sellers, allowing them to also leave feedback. This has amended one part of the issue, yet in disputes about postage and missing items, there is still a bias in favour of buyers.

Etsy Pros: Large (yet targeted customer base) Etsy doesn't quite match up to eBay in audience size but still has 40 million active members who are specifically looking for unique handmade or vintage items. Customers shopping on Etsy don't tend to mind paying a little bit more for products whereas eBay shoppers are usually more thrifty and hunting for a bargain. It has more of an e-commerce feel Sellers can quickly set up a brand, payment options and generate shipping labels for orders without knowing any HTML or CSS. It also has forums and easy customer service options which make selling on Etsy a breeze.

Cons: Fees are still high Much like eBay, there are listing and final sale fees on Etsy. Unfortunately, one may also have to contend with PayPal processing fees too which can start to make selling costly. Copycats If you have a fantastic brand and product creation, there's a possibility that when you put it up on Etsy, you may start to see copycats replicating your work. Etsy is full of creative people and if you can be successful on there, chances are that they can too - this makes competition rife throughout the site. Some sellers are sneaky to the point where they even copy descriptions, titles and photos. Customisation Despite the fact that Etsy is a very creative marketplace, the listings are relatively unimaginative. Every item listing looks the same apart from the photos and descriptions. This makes it a tough place to stand out without putting in work on the aesthetics of your brand such as photography and graphic design.

Etsy VS eBay,which is better? It depends on you.


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