Do you need a Paypal Account for Etsy? Can you Buying on Etsy Without Paypal?

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Sep 20, 2017

1.Do you need a personal or business Paypal account for Etsy?

It depends on you.

Personal Paypal Account/Etsy Shop:No idea about Etsy but you can sell on a personal account as the personal and premier accounts have merged so all personal accounts are now premier accounts. You don't need a business account unless you are a registered company.

Do you need a Personal or Business Paypal Account for Etsy? Can you Buying on Etsy Without Paypal?

2.Can you buying on Etsy without Paypal?

Yes,you can choose other payment methods that the seller offers.

It's up to each seller what payment methods they accept, so you may see different payment methods in different shops.

The seller may offer one or more of the following:

Credit card

If the seller accepts credit cards directly, you’ll be able to use the following cards to complete your purchase. (A debit or bank card with one of these logos should also work.)




American Express

Carte Bleue (France)

This article offers tips in case you have trouble with your card.

You may see a pending transaction on your credit card bill for a small amount. This is a pre-authorization test to ensure your card is valid. Once your card has been validated, it will be dropped from your statement.

Your card will be saved for future purchases, but you can always remove or edit it by going to You > Account settings > Credit Cards.

Note: If you're using the Etsy app on iOS, you can add a card during the purchasing process. While checking out, you'll see an option to Add a new card. You can either use your device's camera to scan your card, or fill out your card information manually. When you're finished, tap Save and use this card.


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