How to Increase your Sales on Etsy?How to Increase the Traffic and Shop Views?

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Sep 30, 2017

1.How to increase your sales on Etsy?

1、Know Your Market

Before you begin selling your product, it’s important you know your target market. Ask yourself these questions when finding your niche market:

Who will buy my product?

What are their needs?

What are their problems?

Narrow down your niche and make it specific: jewelry fashionista, aged 20-35, shops online, lives in Texas. Once you can picture your ideal customer, you can start to strategically market your product.

2、 Categorize Your Products

Unsure how to categorize your product on Etsy? Try to be specific about what the item is (a toy? a scarf? a necklace?). Once you have the categories listed, use the "Shop Sections" to organize your categories.

You can click here to see the my shop live!

Still unsure how to categorize your product? See how others in your niche categorize their product to get ideas.

How to Increase your Sales Visibility on Etsy?How to Increase the Traffic and Shop Views?

3、 Brand Your Shop

A strong brand helps keep your shop fresh in the minds of potential customers.

Make your shop memorable by adding a signature logo and color scheme. There’s a place on your shop page to put a banner image of your store’s name, and also a small, square image, for more branding appeal.

Make sure to incorporate your brand into your products and images. This will immediately let a buyer know they’re looking at your items.

4、 Fill Out Your Profile With Keywords

So, how can you get more eyeballs on your storefront page? By using keywords to help customers find you on Etsy and on Google’s search. There are three main areas you need to optimize your profile:

Use keywords in your shop title – This is the little area underneath your shop name.Focus on unique keywords that describe your product. Check out other Etsy shops in your niche to get an idea of related keywords.

Place keywords in your shop announcement – You can use this area to include more niche-specific keywords.

Use relevant keywords in your sections – Use clear and brief keywords that describe your product. Make it easy for people to know what you are selling.

To edit your info and appearance, go to Your Shop > Shop settings > Info & appearance.

5、Optimize Your Item’s Title And Description

To get noticed in the Etsy search results – and on Google – it’s essential to make your title and description stand out. Doing so will help attract customers to your product. To get started, use the Google Adwords Keyword Planner to find keywords people use to search for products in your niche.

You can also search on Etsy to find keyword phrases. Take a look at this one. For example, you're selling "baby shower" products. To get keyword ideas to use, use Etsy search and type "Baby Shower". From there you'll see a list of keywords that buyers tend to use. Here's an example:

How to Increase your Sales Visibility on Etsy?How to Increase the Traffic and Shop Views?

See those list of keywords? You can use them on your item title + details. Feel free to mix and match but be sure not to look spammy!

6、Add Great Descriptions For Each Product

It’s time to put on your copywriter’s hat and entice someone to purchase your product by writing an amazing description. Start off with the most important information, but above all, be personal and connect with the customer buy using I and you language. Tell a story about your product and make it related to your ideal customer.

2.How to increase traffic of your shop on Etsy?

1、 Get to know your target customer.

2、 Spread the word with social media.

3、 Branch out with a blog.

4、Tap into your network with a newsletter.

5、Collaborate with like-minded partners.

6、Develop a strategy for promotions and giveaways.

3.How to increase shop views on Etsy?

1、The most important thing is to sell the high-quality products on your shop,so that people may want to give some positive reviews on your shop.

2、To have a good communication with your customers,talk more with them,to make  them feel they are respected.


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