What are Tricks to Sell More Vehicles on eBay and Tips for Buying and Selling Baby Clothes on eBay?

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Feb 24, 2017

1. What are tricks to sell more vehicles on eBay?

You need pictures....great ones...and a lot of them. The more the better. Don't forget to photograph the engine compartment, the VIN, inside the trunk, and the spare tire and jack (if you have one). You should also get a good photo of the tire tread....I suggest putting a ruler (or a penny) between the treads. Of course, you should wash and detail the car. Remember, some people are going to be judging the car almost entirely on the way it looks. (Instead of spending a fortune on film and film processing I used the situation as an excuse to buy a digital camera.)

What are tricks to sell  more vehicles or a vehicle on eBay? What are tips for buying and selling baby clothes on eBay?

2. What are tips for buying and selling baby clothes on eBay?

Thing is some very important things to remember when buying baby clothes on ebay.

A. You can find baby clothes relatively cheap when shopping during sales around holidays. So before you buy make sure you can not buy it cheaper at the store.

B. You can good really deals on ebay for certain higher brand baby clothes such as Gymboree. Make sure you pay attention to brands of clothing before you purchase anything.

C. Ask questions it is important to ask questions before you buy anything used.

The keys to selling your baby clothes are pricing them competitively, photographing them to their best advantage, and creating a selling page that stands out from the competition. If you already have these three keys well in hand, get started selling your baby clothes now.


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