What is the Top Rated Seller Discount on eBay? How to Advertise on eBay Sponsored Links?

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Mar 10, 2017

1. What is the top rated seller discount on eBay?

Its easy when you have less than 500 items up, but it becomes not so easy when you reach the level of having 2500 items up and selling 25 to 50 items a day. You have to maintain inventory as well as getting items shipped and all that. Its easy to just run out of time.

You are also wrong with the returns accepting returns and selling clothing is a bad combination and sets up rental situations. Yes if it is damaged you have to honor it, but if its buyers remorse you do not. If they open a claim against you and say it was buyers remorse call Ebay and the case will be ruled in your favor and no feedback can be left.

Then you have the one day handling time, if you are selling in large volume there will be an issue with the one day handling time that will not be your fault especially if you are like me and live in an area where they do not scan packages even if you carry them to the counter. Extending your handling time to 2 days allows the cover of a few extra days for the package to arrive and gives you an extra day just in case the USPS or you cannot get a package out in 24 hours.

My biggest issue was in my main category the buyers prefer the items to be shipped in PWE and it you price shipping into the items or charge more than 1.50 shipping your sales plummet. Once I realized that and stopped started shipping via PWE my sales in that category increased to the point it off sets the discount by a huge margin.

In order to get the discount, you need to allow returns and provide 1 day handling on your listings. Those are the only ones that will be eligible for the discount. Any listings that do not adhere to those requirements will not be subject to the discount.

Additionally, the discount only applies to the final sale price, which will be a 20% discount of the final value fee. They will take their normal 10% off of the shipping charge(which is bs).

What is the top rated seller discount | discounts on eBay? How to advertise eBay sponsored links on Amazon?

2. How to advertise on eBay sponsored links?

The sponsored links cost huge amounts of money for the advertiser.  If you have the money you would not need to be selling on eBay.

Sponsored ads are ads where eBay not only gets a click fee, but they get a large commission if and item in the ad or on the ad site sells. The commission can be upwards of 50%. This is why eBay loads up our listings with them. Note:

Diversify your product exposure by leveraging our network of premium publishers. Reach 100+ million unique users on eBay plus thousands of other publishers. Only eBay Product Ads can touch a shopper at the most critical moments of the shopping journey. Whether a consumer starts their online research on a search engine, reads a review on a content site, or is ready to make the final purchase on a marketplace, eBay Product Ads helps advertisers reach the right shoppers at the moments that most influence their decisions.

That text in bold is referring to influencing the consumer that is viewing your listing details, and targeting them to buy from the sponsor instead of you.



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