What is International Marketing Strategy for a Cafe on eBay?Can you Sell Your Cakes from Home?

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Jun 12, 2017

1.What is international marketing strategy for a cafe on eBay?

This text looks at context, techniques and strategies involved in successful international marketing. It sets out to provide a good balance of the theory and implementation behind international marketing, with topics such as global information systems, and a look at the global manager.

Assess the size of the market. How big is the market for your product in other countries? You'll have to see how established it is, find out how many players there are in that sector and how big the customer base could be. Are there any potential trade barriers or restrictions?

Adapt your marketing strategy. You may have a product that can easily cross borders but your marketing strategy will have to be adapted. Local values, customs, language and currencies will all impact on your marketing plan.

2.Can you sell your cakes from home?

Yes,you can.

Selling homemade cakes can be a way to make money doing something you love. The biggest challenge to selling homemade cakes is building a regular customer base willing to purchase cakes from you time and again. Some would say the keys to successfully selling homemade cakes are the ability to provide customers with the flavors they want and friendly service. By paying close attention to your clients’ needs and providing high-quality cakes, you can build your business from a small, home-based business into a bakery that can sustain you financially for years to come.


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