How Is eBay Seller Insurance In Information Center?How to Set Seller Is Away Message On eBay?

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Sep 06, 2017

1.How Is eBay Seller Insurance In Information Center?

A seller's responsibility is to ship your order in a reasonable timeframe and in the condition described. A seller can not control how your package is handled in transit. Therefore it is not the seller's responsibilty if the shipping carrier loses, drops, kicks or stomps on your package. Their responsibility to that package ends when they turn it over to the care of the carrier.

So if it is not the seller's responsibilty who's is it? The carrier's. But not all carriers care about that responsibility. Let's say you ship a package via USPS with delivery confirmation. So you have proof you mailed it. A month passes and the package has not arrived. Try calling you USPS office. They will confirm that you shipped it and then.... nothing. They don't do anything about lost packages unless the package is insured. The most the y will do is tell you to fill out a PS FORM 1510 Mail Loss and Rifiling Report. What is that going to do for you? Not a whole lot. The form will be sent to the dead letter office and you will be notified if it ever happens to find it's way there.

So what's a buyer to do to protect themselves? Insure insure insure! Do you have to insure every purchase you make? Absolutely not. But you should insure the packages that you don't want to assume the responsibility of. Because that is the real issue. If your seller offers you the option of insurance and you reject or decline that option, YOU are accepting full responsibility of that package and releasing the seller from further obligation. The seller is still responsible for shipping promptly and in described condition, but they are not in charge of physically delivering that package to you unless they themselves ARE physically delivering that package to you, which could be the case if they are local to you.

How Is eBay Seller Insurance In Information | Info Center?How Is Setting Seller Is Away Message?

2.How to Set Seller Is Away Message On eBay?

To turn on your Store vacation settings:

Click the Messages tab in My eBay.

Select Change settings.

In the Store vacation settings section, select Turn ON.

If you'd like to hide your fixed price listings from eBay search results and Store pages and block buyers from buying the items in these listings while you're away, select Hide and block purchases from my fixed price listings. (This doesn't affect your auction-style listings.)

If you'd like buyers to see the date you'll be back and ready to ship items, select Display a return date, and enter the date in the box provided.

In the Message to display on your storefrontsection, edit the default text displayed in the textbox if you'd like to customize it.

Click Apply.


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