Why Is Door Of Wedding Shop Blue And Filters Worldwide?

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Sep 06, 2017

1.Why Is Door Of Wedding Shop Blue?

The Blue Door, Red Door Speculation

I have read quite a few posts about the change ebay have implimented with the door colour icon you see for sellers stores.

There have been theories that it could indicate the sucess factor a seller is experiencing and showing red for good and blue for bad. The flip side of that has also been suggested, that the door colours change and that causes a downturn or upturn in sales figures.

So I've spoken to a couple of ebay staff about this.

The door colours are a design change that ebay have been rolling out in phases so not everyone sees it, and I assume based on server connected to, the changes might not stick for everyone all the time, depending on which ebay server is, well, serving you at the time.

Why Is Door Of Wedding Shop Blue In Korea?Why My eBay Vac Filters | Parts Worldwide In Pune?

2.Why Is My Shop Vac Filters Worldwide?

Because the quality is good and the price is reasonable.

Also, the sellers can sell the Shop Vac Filters worldwide, through the website of Ebay.  Different people from different countries can buy or sell Shop Vac Filters on  Ebay.


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