Is It Safe To Shop On eBay?Is Starting A Store On eBay Safe?

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Nov 14, 2017

1.Is It Safe To Shop On eBay?

It's like a big open market. Some sellers are businesses, some are individuals selling their unwanted goods, some are scammers.

Even big high street stores have outlets on eBay.

You will find both new and used items - it will be clearly indicated on the listing.

Shopping on eBay is very safe if you use your common sense, pay with PayPal and only buy from sellers with lots of previous sales and good feedback.

I wouldn't buy anything branded from Hong Kong or China but would take a gamble for a low value item.

eBay and PayPal do give protection to most buyers in most circumstances.

Is It Safe To Shop On eBay?How Starting A s Store On eBay Safely In Sana Safinaz Silk In 2017?

2.Is Starting A Store On eBay Safe?

Yes,mostly time it is.

But you still have to be careful and cautious:

Identity theft through phishes and spoofs. This is a venerable risk that isn't quite as serious as it once was since the public today is more educated about this risk and since many computer protection software packages now include tools to mitigate against this risk. Nonetheless, it deserves a mention because it continues to be an issue for eBay buyers and sellers alike. Phishes and spoofs are email messages that appear to come from eBay but actually don't. Their purpose is to get you to think that you've received an email from eBay and trick you into either attempting to "log into eBay" within the email message itself or click on a link in the email message that takes you to what looks like an eBay login page, and get you to try logging in there. In either case, you won't be supplying your login and password to eBay (for purposes of entering the eBay website) but in fact to a third party impersonating eBay, who simply wants your eBay login and password. They'll use these either to begin selling as you on eBay, from your eBay account (fraudulently selling, that is, in order to leverage your great feedback to scam buyers while directing the blame to you), or they'll use them to immediately try them out on every big bank and ecommerce site in the world to see if they can empty your bank accounts into theirs. Either way, the result isn't fun, so be sure that you understand everything that there is to know about phishes and spoofs before you take any action (even a simple one like clicking a link) on an email message that seems to come from eBay.

Unwittingly illegal activity. eBay sellers sell a mind-boggling variety of goods sourced from a mind-boggling array of suppliers, and they ship these (or have them shipped) to a mind-bogglingly assorted, global population of buyers. With these as the parameters to work with, it can be an impossible task to keep track of what's allowed and what's forbidden for any particular locale from which a buyer plans to make a purchase. After all, no seller is an expert in the local regulations the world over. This is why it's important to use common sense about what not to sell on eBay and to check eBay's prohibited items policy on a regular basis. There are some kinds of illegal activity that sellers can prevent of their own accord, however—so be sure as a seller to register and/or license your business, pay your taxes, and avoid engaging in borderline fraud or software and media piracy, even if bending the rules about these things seems tempting. After all, the alternative may be the loss of your business and income.


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