Why does Shopify URL Redirect Not Working and How to Find Shopify Theme Cityhash for Checker?

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Aug 10, 2017

1. Why does shopify url redirect not working?

In order for a URL redirect to work, the Old Path must no longer exist, meaning that that URL would return a 404 – Not Found HTTP error if someone tried to visit that page. In other words, if the Old Path (old URL), still loads a webpage anywhere on the internet, the URL redirect will not work.

How to find shopify theme cityhash for checker

2. How to find shopify theme cityhash for checker?

To find shopify theme cityhash for checker,you need a tool.

The latest tool is WhatTheme, launched by Inspired Magazine. Describing itself as “shazam for website templates,” WhatTheme detects WordPress, Ghost, and Shopify themes.


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