How to Set Up Shopify in Hostgator and Where is Shopify Web Hosting Reviews?

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Aug 16, 2017

1. How to set up shopify in hostgator?

Some of you may think "I recently bought a domain with Hostgator and now I want to put it as my Shopify domain".Some experienced users said that in order to set up that domain, you'll need to make changes to your domain's DNS through your domain's control panel. HostGator should be able to help you out with this.If you're unable to make DNS changes through HostGator, you may need to move your domain to a service that does allow DNS changes.

How to set up shopify in hostgator

2. Where is shopify web hosted reviews?

In 2016 through 2017, Shopify has improved on several fronts, especially with a much improved checkout process.

Pros of Using Shopify

Built-in Speed & Security for Hosting:An all-in-one solution like Shopify allows you to turn that side of the business over to the pros and just let them worry about hackers, caching, compliance, and a whole range of issues that come with hosting an online store. Shopify can do things like pay bounties to security researchers to hack-proof their systems. Shopify is safe and legit.

All The Necessary Features:Shopify had everything you needed to run an amazing online store – without being nickel and dimed in upgrades or left out to dry without a key feature.

Great Customer Support:With Shopify – you get answers fast.

Marketing:Shopify doesn’t offer the fanciest marketing tools on the planet (as part of the main package – they offer more in the App Marketplace) – but they do include the essentials – and they make sure they do the essentials really well.

Add-Ons (Shopify App Store + Buy Button)

Cons of Using Shopify

Pricing:If you have a small online store –Shopify is going to be more expensive than BigCommerce at the beginning.In 2014, Shopify has restructured their pricing in line with new industry business models.

Hacking around customization:Now to the con of their customization setup – they use a unique setup to customize their themes versus using something like PHP for their templates. It’s a huge plus in some ways, but for someone who loves to tweak things without doing a full-on customization, it can be annoying.

Shopify Jargon:Shopify has a slightly steeper curve just because the jargon the use is slightly off.

Shopify Review Conclusion

If you are looking for an all-in-one ecommerce solution for your online store, and you are looking to grow and add products – and you have a little bit of technical know-how, then Shopify will be a great fit for you.

You should check out Shopify (see their plans here).

If you are looking for something a little bit cheaper, and a little bit easier to setup – then I would also considerBigCommerce (see their plans here & see my Bigcommerce review here). Take my ecommerce platform quiz here that will help you decide.

If you are a brand looking for an enterprise solution, I wrote about my experience with Shopify Plus – Shopify’s enterprise solution here.

Shopify Review

Written by: Nate Shivar

Date Published: 07/12/2017


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